Hi Jessica.  I just wanted to thank you for teaching the yoga class this month.  You helped me to learn more about the purpose of yoga.  I always thought of yoga from the physical standpoint, but never thought about the meditation aspect.  Two weeks ago when you gave us the phrase, "I am enough.  What I do is enough.  Who I am is enough.", I actually cried when you said it.  I am always pushing myself to be better- a better mother, a better wife, a better teacher.  And I never realized that in pushing myself like that, I don't give myself enough credit.  So, not to get too personal here, but I wanted to thank you for helping me to realize that.  Thanks again!  Have a great summer.  

-Julie L. (West Seneca, NY) 

"Jessie has been super supportive of fellow yoga instructors during the pandemic. It was such as treat to take an online Restorative Yoga with her! To be guided by Jessie during this calm, quiet practice was absolutely lovely! Her cueing was perfect, allowing grace and modifications in each pose. She offered a variety of alternatives to use if we did not have studio props at home. Her voice was gentle and soothing, really allowing me to settle into the space, relax the body, and invite calm in the mind. Her teaching and presence gave me confidence and encouragement throughout the practice."
Lisa W. (Tallahassee, FL)

I met Jess in late 2019 and felt an immediate connection. I was looking to start a yoga practice to help me deal with increasing body pain. She introduced me to a Restorative practice which was unlike any other yoga practice I had ever done. Encouraging me to trust the props I found myself relaxing into the slow stretch little by little. Over time I have been able to use several of the poses to relax and relieve pain as I need it.
Jess is very dedicated to the practice of yoga and tailoring it to each individual’s need. I enjoyed the outdoor classes she offered under the big tree in her yard this summer. She has also come to my house for a private session. She has a calming presence that instills each session whether it is a gentle class, chair class or a restorative session. I am very happy to have met Jess and look forward to future work with her. Karen R. (Buffalo, NY)

I absolutely love Jessie's yoga classes. She is a great teacher and is very inspirational. I always leave class feeling better mentally and physically. I highly recommend her classes and would encourage everyone to try it out, you won't regret it! Kristie A. (West Seneca, NY)

I can’t say enough about how Jessie’s yoga classes have helped me this past year during the pandemic. I met Jess in January 2020 through West Seneca Continuing Education I was enrolled in her yoga class. After in person yoga classes ended she continued to teach yoga online sometimes five or more times during the week. In the summer she taught yoga outside in her yard!

Jess is a very knowledgeable, motivating, inspiring teacher. I use my iPad to access her classes. I try to start my day with her 930am courses; they start my day right! I highly recommend any of the many types of classes Jess teaches. I especially like chair yoga onMonday mornings and restorative yoga but all are excellent!!! Nancy M. (Buffalo, NY)

I do chair yoga with Jessie Monday morning at 9:30 through ZOOM. It is a great way to start your week! You’ll love it!

My first experience with chair yoga was through West Seneca continuing education. I fell in love with it and Jessie is a great instructor. Due to the COVID shutdown Jessie offered classes through ZOOM and it’s been great!! Donna M. (West Seneca, NY)

I started taking yoga a few months ago through school. Jessie was our instructor. When we went into quarantine she reached out and asked if we would be interested in continuing. I was so thrilled that she was offering this! As I try to navigate teaching from home, I am finding that I am becoming very overwhelmed. So I am using Jessie's yoga class as the one thing I do for me during all of this craziness. Her class is absolutely wonderful! She is very specific with instructions and encourages all of us to do what we can! I am so thankful for Jessie and the classes she is offering online! If you are a newbie (like I was) Jessie will not disappoint you! Thank you Jessie---you have been a life saver! Anne D. (Buffalo, NY)

I met Jess at The Himalayan Yoga Institute where we took our yoga teacher training. Her compassion towards others is what I admire most. Jess's classes bring calmness and ease to the mind and body. I'm so happy yoga brought us together in this journey. Stacey S. (Niagara Falls, NY)

I love being able to attend yoga classes with Jessie. The time goes by so fast and I feel so wonderful when the class ends. Sue H. (West Falls, NY)